Dr. Cable Green

Director of Open Education, Creative Commons

I first saw Rajiv speak at an open textbooks summit in British Columbia. I’d never seen a professor speak so clearly and succinctly about the necessity of OER to ensure all learners have access to effective educational resources. Not only is he an engaging speaker, but he carries the authority of a practitioner and innovator in open education and open pedagogy. Moreover, Rajiv pushes the field forward with hard questions (and solutions) about adoption, design and overcoming barriers. He’s so good, I regularly send him speaking opportunities when I am asked for recommendations for great open education speakers.

Dr. David Wiley

Founder and Chief Academic Officer, Lumen Learning

Rajiv leads by example in the open education community – he helps create and refine OER, he uses OER in his own teaching, and he experiments and innovates actively with open pedagogies. He is an articulate and effective advocate for improving the effectiveness and affordability of education through openness.

Dr. TJ Bliss

Program Officer, Education Program, The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

I first saw Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani speak at the 2015 Open Textbook Summit. Dr. Jhangiani’s keynote was phenomenal, hitting just the right notes on a very important topic. His style was engaging and dynamic, with just the right mixture of humor and gravity to drive home points in a memorable way. I have personally taken to spreading several of the key ideas Dr. Jhangiani explored during that talk. In the months following, I have had the pleasure to meet with Dr. Jhangiani several times and learn more about his passion and expertise in open educational resources and, specifically, open pedagogy and open textbooks. I would highly recommend him as an effective spokesperson for OER and open education in general.

Dr. Deb Bartlette

Vice-President, Academic and Student Services, Yukon College

Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani was the keynote speaker at our annual Instructors’ Retreat in August, 2015. This is a group with diverse teaching contexts, ranging from degree programs to skilled trades to adult basic education. Rajiv spoke on open educational resources from a social justice perspective. While some of our faculty are familiar with OER, for many it was a new topic. Rajiv was an engaging, dynamic and humourous speaker. He spoke to the group as a peer, which was very well accepted. His connection to the audience enabled him to raise challenging issues concerning teaching practice in a way that encouraged thoughtful reflection and change in practice, rather than cause defensiveness. I especially appreciated his obvious considerable preparation to speak to this group. His keynote generated so much interest that it was impossible for us to keep his follow up workshop to the maximum number we wanted, as so many wanted to attend. Rajiv’s address and workshop received high positive ratings on the Retreat evaluation, including a number of very enthusiastic comments about Rajiv as a speaker, the topic and the workshop. Since the retreat, there has been quite a bit of interest in OER at Yukon College. He is a fine speaker and workshop leader who can effectively motivate and encourage change in practice. I highly recommend him.

Jenna Omassi

Vice President Academic and University Affairs, AMS Student Society of UBC Vancouver

Having seen Rajiv speak a few times, the AMS decided he would be the best person to bring in to speak to student leaders from across the country about Open Educational Resources at the Student Union Development Summit (SUDS). And that he was. In the span of an hour Rajiv was engaging and funny, all while educating student leaders about OERs and convincing them to get involved in advocacy efforts to support open education. He brings in the perfect amount of social justice rhetoric and focus on pedagogy, as well as truly understanding students and their needs. With Rajiv’s help we now have student leaders across the country thinking about open education as a priority.

Dr. David Porter

Executive Director, eCampus Ontario

Rajiv is passionate about open practices–open pedagogy coupled with open resources instantiated in a teacher with open arms. Rajiv exudes the qualities of great teaching that motivate and hold student attention – he cares for his students and makes it his mission to provide learning experiences that are authentic, engaging, and memorable. He is an open courseware and open textbook author, an open test bank proponent, and an exemplary practitioner of open pedagogies.

Dr. Irwin DeVries

Director of Curriculum Development, Thompson Rivers University

Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani’s leadership, passion and hard work as an advocate for open textbooks is exemplary. Owing to his hard work and vision, he has deservedly earned a worldwide reputation for his high-quality work and impeccable research in the field of open education.

Dr. Beck Pitt

Open Education Research Hub

I was first introduced to Rajiv in his capacity as Faculty Fellow for the BCcampus Open Textbook project. It was clear from our first meeting that Rajiv had not only a passion for open education but was also a rigorous, considered and insightful researcher. He is also articulate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic – if you haven’t already seen his keynote at the 2015 Open Textbook Summit, you should definitely check it out!

Tara Robertson

Accessibility Librarian, CAPER-BC

Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani is a powerful and passionate advocate and activist for open education. As a speaker he is captivating, dynamic, intelligent and humble. He doesn’t dumb down complex issues and though he’s an academic and researcher his language is accessible to everybody. In addition to having facts, figures and research, Rajiv is a skilled storyteller who brings heart to his presentations.

Shirley Lew

Director, Library & Learning Centre, Vancouver Community College

It is impossible not to be affected by Rajiv’s passionate advocacy for open education. His energy and enthusiasm are infectious and the clarity of his arguments persuasive. His skillful delivery is full of humour and humanity. Rajiv speaks with a generosity of spirit that embodies his belief in open education as a social justice endeavour.

Scott Marsden

Library Division Manager, Alexander College

I was lucky enough to have seen Rajiv speak at a couple of different conferences, being BCLA and the main OER conference for British Columbia over the span of a year. His talks stole the show both times, being the most memorable, most engaging and funniest presentations at each conference. I reached out to Rajiv to do a talk on OER at our college’s professional development day and he happily obliged. Speaking to our group, Rajiv inspired a number of faculty who had been previously set in their ways regarding current publishing and distribution models. He really emphasized the point that OER is a social justice issue, and his dynamic and vibrant presentation brought people on board – as a direct result of his talk, we have classes this semester using open texts that would not have otherwise even inquired about them. Rajiv prides himself on being exactly what he is: a positive agent for change in a system than many view as challenged by frustrating and inane precedents that hold students back from their true potential. He was a very welcome addition at our faculty event as I’m sure he will be at yours.

Cari Merkley and Erika Smith

Mount Royal University

Rajiv is a powerful presenter whose ability to weave research evidence with personal stories made the topic of open educational resources very accessible and engaging for the audience.

Rabbi Philip Bregman

Executive Director, Hillel BC

As a rabbi and Jewish educator for over 40 years, I have been in contact with many various speakers regarding the “Shoah”, the “Holocaust”. With out doubt, one of the most brilliant and erudite individuals I’ve listened to is, Dr Rajiv Jhangiani. Not only is it his scope of knowledge that is truly impressive, but also the way in which he delivers the information, in such a clear and premise manner that engages and challenges the listener to learn and to seek more. I cannot recommend Rajiv highly enough.

Kate MacLean

Public Relations Coordinator, PlentyOfFish

Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani is an incredibly dynamic speaker, whose talents were on full display at the recent PlentyOfFish produced event, POF Talks: Relationships in the Digital Age. Rajiv captured the attention of the audience immediately with his eloquence, humor and passion for his research. Apart from being a brilliant speaker, Rajiv is extremely professional and an absolute delight to work with.

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