Electronic Complexity Workshop

Associated with the web-site of Dr. Peter Suedfeld of the Psychology Department of the University of British Columbia, this page has been designed to meet the growing demand for information about the psychological construct known as integrative complexity. Geared toward the research use and scoring of this construct, this page may not be appropriate for those seeking a more general explanation. In other words, if you arrived at this page directly, without reading about Dr. Suedfeld’s research applications of integrative complexity, you may want to visit that more general Integrative Complexity Research page.

If you are only here to get the articles referred to in another page that brought you here, proceed to the Materials Page and select the files “Descriptive Chapter” and/or “The Manual”. The full references are re-listed next to the links. Be sure to observe the copyright notices.

So you want to learn how to score complexity. . .

Due to the complexity [no pun intended] of the integrative complexity construct, new scorers are ideally trained in a workshop setting with other pupils with whom they discuss the practice materials and receive guidance from a qualified and experienced scorer. Since there are currently no other laboratories that we know of training complexity scorers, and because the construct is steadily gaining in popularity and usage, this web page has been designed to allow easy access to the training materials for individuals who cannot attend the workshops in person. Please proceed to the materials page to learn more and to access the learning materials.